Common questions

Is it possible to return the shoes I bought?

  • Yes! The shoes you bought can be returned for any reason. Whether it's a bad measure or you didn't like the shoe.

I have now ordered shoes, when will they come to me?

  • At that moment you have been ordering, the order is absorbed in the systems, sent to packaging and shipping according to the address you entered. Generally arrival times are week to two weeks

I entered incorrect details on order, what should I do?

  • A Wakeff message should be sent to our ordering department at phone number 054-552-8575

How do I know what size do I need?

  • very simple. You have to order exactly the size of the shoes you are right now. Dimensions are universal. If there is always a deliberation, you should always order a more half.

Are there halves of dimensions?

  • for sure. If you want half a measure (eg 41.5) you should specify this on the payment page.