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Air Jordan 1 High

Air Jordan 1 High

Nike's Air Jordan 1 HIGH shoes are not just sneakers, but the modern and undisputed design symbol and style.
They are made of high quality materials, present accurate finish and reflect Nike's powerful and becoming stunned heart.

Air Jordan 1 HIGH shoes have gained world popularity over the years and has become a symbol of fashion and style in the sneakers world. Every new version that comes out is considered a limited and prestigious, which maintains their status as hot and sought after shoes among the sneakers.

Some interesting facts on the Air Jordan 1 HIGH model

  • Foreign Departure: Air Jordan 1 High shoes were first launched in 1985 as part of Nike's famous Air Jordan collection, in collaboration with the best basketball player of all time - Michael Jordan.
  • Design: The Air Jordan 1 HIGH shoes were designed by Peter Moore, Nike's shoe designer while launching the brand's first model.
  • Precise Handmade: Air Jordan 1 High shoes undergo an accurate and meticulous production process, according to Nike's strict standards.
  • Popularity in the Sneakers world: Air Jordan 1 High Iteth Air Shoes have become a mandatory item among the sneakers, basketball and fans of Michael Jordan. They have gained world popularity and have become a symbol of the global escape culture.
  • Diverse colors and designs: Air Jordan 1 High shoes are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, ranging from classic versions to limited and tailored versions for special events.
  • Collaboration with artists and brands: Nike is known for a variety of collaborations with world artists and brands as part of its collections.
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